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Hehehehe, if you watch carefully in the part where the scots charge down the hill you can see a small red hatchback in the background parked on top of the hill. 


Hello there. Saw your post on the main page after I posted and wanted to say hi.

Have to agree on the greatness that is Braveheart; that is a movie I need to see again. But I am curious as to the love towards The Fountain. I thought it was beautiful and wonderfully acted (who knew Wolverine was so good), but I couldn't watch it twice. The movie feels like it is twice as long as it really is, and the emotional draw is not strong enough. I felt Wolverine's pain the first time through, but couldn't find it again during the second try - and decided to eject the DVD before finishing.

I am a bigtime fan of Rachel Weisz - too bad she won't be in the new Mummy movie.



Oo, I totally disagree with you about The Fountain. Ejected the movie before it was finished? *waves hand* Bah. The Fountain is so much more than everything you or I could say about it.. but I am a filmmaker and totally appreciate Darren Aronofsky's work toward making it happen. It was a rite of passage for him. It's the most brilliant piece of filmwork I've ever, ever seen. As a matter of fact, I had totally given up on ever pursuing my love of filmmaking until I saw that movie. That movie spurred me out of a 7-year slump.

I am sorry you had the reaction you did. I was also very fortunate to have my husband by my side while we watched it, and perhaps that husband-wife connection would be lost on some people not in the kind of relationship he and I have.

But I am glad you took the time to leave a comment. ^.^


Ah, I see - filmmakers are different than normal Joes. They (y'all) see movies in completely different ways and appreciate different aspects. Glad it kicked you in gear. 

Notice that I said I tried to watch it twice - and that is a good sign, since most movies only deserve one viewing. Maybe at the end of the year I will try again.

Current favorite movie: Donnie Darko.



My husband really liked Donnie Darko, but I have never seen it. With the way we watch movies I'm surprised we haven't! Lol :)

Ironically, I have been rather reluctant to watch The Fountain a second time, but for totally opposite reasons. The emotional reaction I had to it the first time was such that I'd need to make sure I would have a few hours afterward to recover from it!! Which makes watching that movie a veritable time commitment. However, I'd love to watch it again, and maybe soon I will.

Rachel Weisz, by the way, is wonderful. That movie certainly made me a fan of hers, I don't think I've seen her in anything else.


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