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I work in the broadcast television news business, behind the scenes. Specifically I direct the live newscasts. I live in Southwest Florida, but I'm originally from Ohio. My favorite thing to do is watch sci-fi and anime at dinnertime with my hubby. Naruto rules our world right now; we love it! Makes me wish I took more than 3 semesters of Japanese in college, though. I am also passionate about human and animal rights, and sometimes I blog about these subjects. I love life, I dearly love humanity, I am a Christian as my mother taught me, and I've found the best way to find God is in other people. That's why I love news because I love people's stories.


One Piece, Naruto, Japan, eating good food, blogging, movies, sci fi, knitting, crocheting, voice acting, local activism, human rights, animal rights, hippies, art, Green Party